I was sent early access to this product and all I had to do was upload and extract the files on my hosting account – that’s it. My site was launched. This is the MOST EASIEST system I’ve ever seen to launch a website. Everyone wants SEO services and I’m sure this will bring in a lot of new customers for me.

Adam Mendelsohn
Internet Entrepreneur

I was very impressed by how quickly you can launch a fully functional online business. The best part, there are no crazy database settings or installations to do. Just copy, paste and its launched.. WOW, you guys have created a really simple but powerful money making system here.

Terence A. Huber

The best part about this product is the user interface, you hardly see any of these in internet marketing products and the ease of use… simplicity to install and launch your own online business thats amazing..

Lucy Blackburn
Online Marketer

This is very very cool product, not just cool but pretty useful too. I have seen so many sites like these sell well on flippa. I love how simple it is…This is really user friendly – easy to use and I highly recommend this for any internet marketer looking to start off!!!

Otávio Alves Dias
Small Business Owner

I’ve never seen such an easy to use, simple to setup and fast to run system like VidBiz. I always use WordPress to build sites but this is way better. Truly lives up to the 60 seconds promise, I took no more than that to launch my online business with this and am already sending traffic from my blog to this and getting orders. Way to go guys!

Mario Garside
Website Designer & Developer

The demo site I saw looked great, very professional, worked perfectly on my iPad & I was able to test orders from it too. Amazing system that is super easy to install. If you do not have this setup yet, get it now because this is a must-have for everyone. I’m recommending this to all my readers.

Kay Reid
Blogger & Online Marketer